Contextual Fit

Project 2

The purpose of this project was to take the world famous Smith House and create an addition that added onto the existing systems of the house. The addition also had to fit the existing design so that the addition did not look out of place and show that it was built at a different time than the rest of the house. 

Conceptual Ideas


The Smith family is one that loves to see the world, they love to be outside and enjoy the wonders that the world has to offer. The Smiths want an expansive outdoor space to be added to their house so that they can enjoy and experience the nature that their house is surrounded by. The Smith parents also want an expansive and luxurious Family Room to be built so that they can enjoy the time with their family and relax after a long day. He wants the family Room Mr. Smith then wants a Master Suite to be added as well. He wants the Master Suite to not be the focal point of the house because he would rather have a house that is accommodating to his whole family than just his wife and children.


1. Family Room

2. Outdoor Space

3. Master Suite


Private-Master Bedroom, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Garage

Public-Family Room, Kitchen, Dining Room


Eating-Kitchen, Dining Room

Resting-Master Bedroom, Bedrooms, Family Room


Work Area- Garage, Master Bedroom, Bedrooms

Hangout Area- Family Room, Dining Room, Kitchen

Contextual Analysis

2020-11-23 (2).png

2D Conceptual Sketches

2020-11-23 (13).png
2020-11-23 (14).png
2020-11-23 (15).png

Systems to be Extruded into New Building


Enclosed vs Open

2020-11-23 (20).png
2020-11-23 (21).png


2020-11-23 (22).png


2020-11-23 (23).png

Approximate Size of Room Additions

2020-11-23 (26).png

Preliminary Designs

2020-11-23 (28).png
2020-11-23 (30).png

Final Design


South View

2020-12-03 (15).png

North View 

2020-12-03 (16).png

East View

2020-11-23 (43).png

West View

2020-12-03 (14).png

3D Exterior Views

2020-12-03 (13).png
2020-12-03 (10).png
2020-12-03 (11).png
2020-12-03 (12).png

3D Interior Views

Family Room

2020-11-24 (6).png
2020-11-24 (7).png

Exercise Room

2020-11-24 (8).png


Lower Level Original 

2020-11-24 (9).png

Entry Level Original 

2020-11-24 (10).png
2020-11-24 (11).png

Entry Level New

2020-11-24 (15).png

Upper Level New

2020-11-24 (16).png

Roof Level New

2020-11-24 (17).png

2D Sections

South to North

2020-11-24 (20).png

North to South

2020-11-24 (21).png

3D Sections

2020-11-24 (25).png

Design Process


Last Slide

2020-12-03 (13).png

Upper Level Original